Bikes configurator - inspiration for individual implementation

Configuration of bikes assembled on order is a perfect example of possibilities offered by a "multi-parameter product groups."

Configurator of bespoke bikes is one of the examples in which using multi-parameter product groups is very effective. We will use this example to show you IdoSell possibilities concerning creating product configurators.

Each configurator based on multi-parameter product groups can be individually adjusted to your shop and assortment in terms of graphic design. It gives amazing visual effects and helps clients to use and to understand the way of configuration. In case of the example below, whole product card has been arranged in a way which emphasizes a product and its design, changing together with further choices of equipment made by a client.

Such functionality as a product group enables you to create each available combination of, for example, equipment, frame or wheels. Each combination can be assigned with a different sale price and a different photo. What is more, each available parameter to choose from can be not only named but also enriched with a graphic icon. Thus, we receive a proffessional and eye-catching subpage enabling the creation of your dream bike. Every change in configuration can result in photo gallery reload - it gives the client a chance to have a live preview of a changing bike during the process of choosing accessories and features in a left menu.

Above gallery presents two slides showing an action performed by the client. The client expands a "front shifter" parameter and thus sees possible options and their influence of the total price of the bike. If the client chooses a more expensive type of shifter, the shifter is displayed as the chosen one and the price of a set is increased. The client can add the product to the cart or introduce further changes into the features.

We encourage you to use our individual graphic solutions designed and implemented by our specialists from the Graphics Department.

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