Nonstandard fonts in on-line store

Your store can astonish your customers not only with beautiful graphics, but also we can install nonstandard font types in it!

Standard fonts

Basic set of fonts your browser use depends on operation system. Browser can use only fonts installed on computer, it is operating at. Your customers should have different additional fonts installed on their computers, but not necessarily the same as yours. Good practice of creating web pages is using the so-called system fonts, that are used by the most popular operation systems. It guarantees, that product descriptions and all other texts on store page will be displayed with the same font. Sample system fonts used for web pages creation are:

  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Tahoma
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

Creating individual store design, it is best to use one of system fonts as main typeface. Our graphics use mainly Arial, Tahoma and Verdana fonts.

Decorative elements like logos, headers, banners

When text is fixed and does not change with i.e. viewed product or category, a graphical file can be used. Such header or text on banner can be created with any font you want and your customer will always see it as he should. It is of course possible to use graphics as menu elements but it requires to prepare such files with every change in i.e. assortment or category. In addition, text URLs can be especially effective in SEO works.

Nonstandard fonts, attaching fonts to page

Technological progress allows to display more fonts than only above-mentioned system fonts. Methods of attaching fonts to page exist, so we can use almost any typeface you want. Our specialist can do it for you and even use such fonts to display indicated elements on entire page. This method is called @font-face. When commissioning us with creating on-line store with nonstandard font(s), you must be aware of a few facts:

  • You need to provide us with selected font by yourself, so you need to have rights to use it, as it happens with all graphical materials provided to our graphic designers. You need to check font license, possibility of using it in your store and buy it, if such necessity occurs.
  • If your store language requires it, font should support diacritic characters.
  • Every font, even individually picked, will be displayed slightly different in every operation system.
  • Nonstandard fonts are attached to webpage, so they increase the size of your store. This is why we do not implement more than two additional fonts.
  • Using nonstandard font increases the amount of work necessary to create your webpage, so also time of work is greater. It all affects costs of graphical commissions.