How to implement an online pharmacy

IdoSell is perfect for conducting sales in online pharmacies, supplement stores or shops with specialist cosmetics. The following examples will inspire you and help you to create guidelines for your own pharmacy implementation.

Recommended functionalities, supporting applications and modules

You will need a variety of functions and elements characteristic for this specific business branch in your online pharmacy. The following list is a set of our recommendations based on many years of experience and implementation of dozens of online pharmacies.

Easy search by name

The pharmacy is one of online shops with the widest and the most diverse offer. Customers often know a full name of a given drug, sometimes however, only one word or a part of the whole phrase. The solution to such situations is to search by name with the mechanism of hints based on name fragments of product, producers and categories. When a customer starts entering first letters of a name or a producer of a given drug, a product list matching these criteria appears as a hint. To use the facilitation it is necessary to implement a proper function in the design of your online pharmacy, as well as the correct configuration in the administration panel.

Well-structured navigation menu (categories)

A well-structured navigation menu is yet another way to help customers reach searched products. Customers often do not know the specific names of drugs but they are looking for something that will be a remedy for a specific ailments, such as headache, diarrhea, cold or allergy. You can prepare a menu based on the names of the most popular ailments in your online pharmacy. If it is not enough, we can prepare two separate navigation menus, in which you will sort drugs and supplements on the basis of a different kind of criteria.

Personal collections in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy

Personal collection may be required when ordering drugs online, for example, in case of prescription drugs. It is also possible thanks to personal collections supported by the IdoSell administration panel. If you conduct sales in brick-and-mortar pharmacies, you can create separate warehouses for this type of sale in the administration panel. We will prepare your online pharmacy to handle orders with personal collections, including selection of an appropriate pharmacy by a customer, even a day and hour of order collection.

Real-time drug availability check

If you handle several brick-and-mortar pharmacies, customers can check the availability of a drug in each of your points of sale and go shopping to the most appropriate one. This is an invaluable feature for customers in emergency situations when they can not wait for the delivery or a drug is available on prescription only. In case of pharmacies, such function can be highlighted and graphically adjusted on your request.

Highlighting prescription drugs

As some drugs are available by prescription only, you can not sell them by mail order. Such drugs can have appropriate graphic signs and footnotes in the shop front, so that a customer knows that an order can be placed with personal collection only, upon presentation of a prescription.

Recommended implementation package

We recommend a SOPHISTICATED implementation package for online pharmacies. It will enable implementation of the above recommended elements, functionalities and shop front configuration.

How to prepare guidelines for pharmacy implementation

Before we start the implementation of a shop, we require guidance as to its design and functionalities. In case of pharmacy implementation, it will be enough to provide a designer with a logo, if it already exists. If not, please provide the name of the pharmacy, preferences for a logo design and specify colors for your business and thus, for the entire online pharmacy. Our specialists will plan the structure of your pharmacy in such a way as to include all the most important functions, which are mentioned above.