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Your store's customers can use multiple shopping lists, as well as share them with their friends

We have published new possibilities for shopping lists that can be used by customers of your store today. The refreshed module is already available in the newest versions of STANDARD templates. Shopping lists offer completely new features, such as creating multiple lists by buyers, sharing them with friends, and adding both selected products from the list and entire lists to the cart.

Multiple shopping lists

Until now, it was only possible to add selected products to one shopping list. After refreshing the module, store customers can create many lists, conveniently manage them, transfer products between lists and conveniently share selected lists using a link.

We've also added a link to a list of all products that customers have purchased in the past, so they can organize their regular purchases more quickly with new lists.

Find out more about shopping lists in IdoSell stores

Use the new tool to increase the conversion in your online store

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