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We simplify the configuration of payment profiles - we have prepared a conversion that will allow you to choose a payment system that supports express and card payments

In the coming weeks, we will simplify the configuration of payment profiles and fully automate the addition of new banks in the payment intermediary systems supported by your store. After this change, the configuration of express payments (so-called PayByLink and BLIK) and card payments will be simplified only to select one payment intermediary system and introduce basic configuration, and the payment methods will update themselves, without the need to manage them. As in some stores the simplification may affect the availability of some payment methods - please check and possibly decide which payment system you would like to use PayByLink, BLIK and card payments in each payment profile. For this purpose, we have prepared a conversion configuration, based on which on August 10, 2020, we will take your decision into account when switching the configuration of payment profiles to the new version.

Why are we changing the configuration of payment profiles?

The system of payment profiles introduced many years ago gave enormous flexibility of settings. Unfortunately, this flexibility caused problems for clients, and in addition, many of them managed payments improperly, either by overlooking some banks or by accidentally setting up, for example, that a specific bank did not have payments posted automatically. In most cases, stores want to use one payment system, because this is the business practice - i.e. they negotiate the best possible rate with one operator. However, this observation does not apply to installment payment systems or deferred payments.

What will the change be?

We decided to simplify the configuration of payment profiles, while focusing on making as many payment management functionalities in your stores as possible.

Within a few weeks, in the administration panel of your store you will be able to add and manage payment profiles in a new, super-simple way. The selection of individual banks and payment cards supported by different payment systems will disappear, and there will be only the 3 payment methods that the system will handle. The change will only apply to these forms of payment, support for other payment methods (such as installment or deferred payments, PayPal, etc.) remains unchanged in functionality, although the entire profile management interface will change.

Configuration options that so far you could set independently for each bank or credit card will be transferred during the conversion and you will be able to manage them at the level of the selected payment intermediary system. This applies to options such as currencies in which payments will be presented, a discount or an additional payment fee - when transferring them, we will make sure that no payment gets a higher discount or a lower surcharge.

How to use the conversion setup form to get it done correctly?

The conversion will consist in indicating which payment system will handle PayByLink and BLIK payments and which payment cards will be used in each of your payment profiles. In order to set the conversion, go to the ADMINISTRATION / Conversions module and select the conversion named Conversion of payment profiles into a simplified form

You independently choose one intermediary for express payments and one for card payments. It can be the same broker, but if you find it appropriate, you will be able to choose two independent brokers separately for transfers and card payments under your profile.

If you don't see the conversion form yet, it will appear in your store within a few days.

What happens if I don't use the conversion?

If you already use one payment intermediary in your payment profiles, you don't have to do anything. After the change, the only thing that will change is the appearance of the payment profiles in the administration panel. These profiles won't even show up in the conversion setup forms, so you don't have to worry about them.

If you use several intermediaries for express transfers in your payment profiles, and several for handling card payments, by enabling the new module, we will check which of the payment intermediaries supports the most payment methods in a given payment profile and we will choose for you by switching all possible payments PayByLink, BLIK and payment cards, to the payment intermediaries selected in this way.

If you are not sure which company to choose, go to the conversion setup and select your preferred payment system for payment profiles.

When will the conversion take place?

Conversion will take place August 10, 2020. You will be informed about its implementation or any changes to the conversion date on our Blog.

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