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We provide free regulations and the privacy policy and cookies in English, we allow you to turn on active consent to the cookie policy (also in German)

A few months ago, we introduced a new module "Regulations, consents, policies")), in which you can use a ready-made and auto-complementary template of the store's regulations and privacy and cookies policy. The aforementioned ready-made content was then available only for the Polish language. From now on, you can also provide ready-made content of the regulations as well as the privacy and cookie policy in English, which we have prepared together with our lawyers. But that's not all, because we have additionally refreshed the consent to the cookie policy, adding it in an active version and translating its content not only into English, but also into German.

Do you sell abroad? Provide your customers with the ready content of the regulations as well as the privacy policy and cookies in English

If you sell products or services in your store not only in Poland, or you are just about to enter foreign markets with sales, then this update of our module MODERATION / Terms and conditions, consents, policies is intended just for you.

We have translated the content prepared by our lawyers into English, thanks to which you can include in your store the ready content of the regulations as well as the privacy policy and cookies in this language. And you do not have to worry, just like for the Polish language version, about changes in Polish law, because we update this content especially for you and without additional fees for the currently applicable provisions of Polish law.

Ready content in English, just like for Polish, can be easily adapted as your own content to your own needs and the characteristics of your business, and thanks to the variables, it is easy to ensure automatic updating of basic data, e.g. your company's address or the number of days to return the goods.

Find out more about the automatic terms and conditions for your shop's customers

New (active next to the previous passive) version of the consent to the privacy policy and cookies in Polish, English and German, which allows the user to give voluntary consent

Due to the fact that, in accordance with the ruling of the CJEU of October 1, 2019, consent to the installation of cookies must be voluntary and cannot be default, we have introduced the so-called version of the so-called active.

Active consent differs from passive consent, first of all, in that active consent requires the consent of the website user. If consent is not given, the user cannot interact with the website. If the user clicks on the disagreement, it takes him back to the previously visited page. Only after consenting, the message is closed and the website of your store can be viewed. We also install cookies only after the explicit consent of the user.

In the case of passive consent, the user does not have to give consent by clicking the consent button, he can even leave the message without reaction and continue browsing the website, while cookies are installed on the user's computer anyway.

The new consent mode can be found in the "Privacy and cookie usage policy" tab, in the "INFORMATION ABOUT THE COOKIE POLICY DISPLAYED AFTER ENTERING THE WEBSITE" section.

In addition to the display mode, active consent also differs in a more extensive content of the consent and instruction for the user, which also results from the provisions of applicable law. The active consent content is available in Polish, English and German.

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