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We present customer search improvements (CRM) for discounts, customer supervisors or order currencies

Many changes that we have recently introduced caused the customer search engine to become monstrous in size. Other changes were more and more needed to be included in the search options. We are making up a few of these arrears.

Some changes in the search engine became more necessary due to the increasing popularity of international sales, or discounts - all of this with the help of customer supervisors. In many panels, search options (due to additional options) have become quite troublesome to use. This was the case, for example, when there were many tags in the panels describing customers that are used in integration with SalesManago.

Here is a short summary of the most important changes in the area of ​​customer search in the administration panel:

  • we have added the ability to search for customers with different types of discounts
  • we now allow you to search for customers with orders in the indicated currency
  • we have enabled searching for customers without a customer supervisor
  • we have improved the comprehensibility of the search engine with many SalesManago tags - drop-down lists on request, instead of the full list presented at the opening
  • we have added the ability to sort the list of search results by any column

All the above changes are possible to use both the CRM analysis module and the client browsers connected in other places of the administration panel.

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