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We have facilitated the tool for uploading and updating products while accepting deliveries

We have prepared an extended version of a tool enabling bulk product upload to GRN documents. Thus, while accepting deliveries you can add products to a document, as well as edit their price and quantity. We are constantly trying to facilitate logistic processes which not only are important, but also frequently used. Accepting deliveries and issuing GRN documents is a perfect example.

If you receive a CSV supply notification from your supplier, now you just have to paste data into the administration panel and the GRN document will be ready. Since you paste delivery data into a proper field, you can easily introduce changes whenever you need to.

New version of the tool not only does enable creating a new GRN document, but also edit prices and quantities of products already included in the GRN. From now on you can choose one of three operations which can be useful if e.g. data changes in a delivery notification, or if you want to include two deliveries from the same supplier in one GRN document:

Learn more about data structure required while entering products into a GRN document

Please remember that supplies can be accepted and verified much faster through IAI Scanner. IAI Scanner is an application which allows for using data collectors used by big online stores. IAI Scanner was created for big online stores handling many customer orders, as well as supplies every day. Due to changes in the license system, now it is possible to download and test the program for first 30 days for free. After this period, IAI Scanner subscription is only £24 / 28€ per month.