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We have added new modes of importing, updating and synchronizing the product database and the ability to quickly restore them from a backup

We provide the possibility to use new modes of one-time import, update and synchronization of the product database, as well as quick restoration from backup directly from the IdoSell panel. New modes work on XML files in a proven standard for exchanging information about products - IOF 3.0.

So far in the module Products/Import, Update and Restore from Copy you could only use the mode ' Product Synchronization via API. As of today, we have enabled more modes to perform even more operations and allow you to:

  • Add new products - allows you to add new products to the panel one time or move products from one store to another,
  • Update existing products - one time you will update selected attributes of your products,
  • Synchronize products (add new and update existing products) - allows you to upload one-time offer from supplier containing both new and existing products,
  • Restore products from backup - allows you to restore products from backup in case of emergency

Instruction for standalone web-based import, update and synchronization of products

Is the module "Import, update and restore from copy'' for me?

As a reminder, this functionality is an alternative to the application Downloader that requires installation and configuration on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is primarily targeted at advanced users, developers and partners.

If you are a novice user, in order to perform one of the above-mentioned operations, we recommend using our professional services, thanks to which you will be guaranteed that the whole process will run smoothly and the final effect will meet your expectations.

Restore products from backup in easy and fast way

The IOF 3.0 restore mode allows you to quickly restore products from a backup and react to deleted data or unwanted modifications to descriptions, prices, images, attachments, etc. All you need to do is to select the right backup from the panel archive or load the archived file of your backup from your local disk.

Instruction for doing an individual web-based restore of a product from backup

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