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We are releasing a new module to generate and download JPK files with JPK V7M and JPK FA(3)

From 1 October 2020, the obligation for all VAT payers to send documents in the new format to the Tax Office comes into force. In order to facilitate the process of settlement with the Tax Office we have introduced the possibility of generating JPK documents in accordance with the V7M and FA(3) structure. By the way, we have rewritten the module for generating and sharing JPK files.

You can read more information about changes in regulations at

What are JPK V7M and FA(3) files?

JPK V7M files keep full records of sales and purchases and should be sent by the 25th of each month, the obligation to generate the remaining files in the JPK_* structure (also JPK_MAG) rests with the entrepreneur only after calling the Tax Office, e.g. during inspections. Therefore, there is no requirement to generate them every month, as in the case of JPK V7M. JPK FA(3) files are an extensive structure which contains all details about the invoices issued and allows the official to shorten the inspection time.

Recirculated module "Generating batch files"

In "REPORTS & FINANCES / Generating batch files" you will find a page dedicated to billing reports. The module has been organized, rewritten and we removed the previously registered bugs. Additionally, there is a possibility to generate files "in the background" so that even huge sets of data can be generated without any problem and block your session.


Discover more about JPK documents from FAQ

Information on the impossibility of testing

Unfortunately, none of the accounting software available on the market currently supports JPK FA(3) files. Therefore, our tests were limited to self-checking the correctness of the file structure. In the case of any anomalies noted, please report them patiently, as we may have to make minor corrections to the very notation of the files when such programs come up closer to October.

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