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We are introducing the option of group assigning locations for additional products and automatic naming of the created locations

When assigning additional warehouse locations, you can assign them with group product editing. We also made it easier for you to create new locations by adding a mechanism for automatically naming them and creating their tree based on the structure of the set code.

Group edition of products has been expanded with the possibility of group:

  • assigning selected additional locations to selected products,
  • removing selected additional locations from selected products,
  • removing all additional locations from selected products.

If your warehouse logistics is based solely on location codes, you don't have to worry about coming up with names for them either. From now on, if you do not provide a name for the added location, the system will give it automatically. It will use the default names of each storage level and the structure of the set code.

You can learn more about warehouse locations and their creation and management on the website product warehouse locations configuration.

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