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We adapted all relevant places to SVG and WebP graphics

Add graphic elements in SVG and WebP format and speed up the loading of your store - in line with the mobile first ideology.

Support for SVG files is now possible in many places where the use of this graphic format can have a significant impact on speeding up the loading of your store. Both are used for different purposes, but their common feature is undoubtedly the lower weight of the graphic file itself, which affects the loading speed of your store.

  • Banners, buttons, advertisements
  • Logo, top and other page elements
  • Menu and descriptive subpages in the mask:
    • Menu
    • Categories of goods in the panel
    • Manufacturers
    • Series
    • Parameters
  • Guarantees

SVG or WebP?

SVG is a vector graphics format. Unlike raster files (PNG, GIF, JPG), it allows for any infinite scaling of graphics without losing its quality. SVG graphics are always sharp. This is especially important for responsive and mobile websites. Graphics do not have to be loaded in several sizes and in the case of icons or symbols, they are also lighter and load faster. We strongly recommend using SVG in all banners and advertising graphics. Our graphic designers will be happy to help you prepare graphics in this format based on your orders.

By contrast, WebP is a relatively new open standard for compressed graphics on the web as a direct competitor to the older JPEG format with a smaller size and comparable quality. We do not have to explain that the smaller the size of the graphic file, the faster the store's website will load. This format has a chance to replace PNG and GIF thanks to the use of lossless compression and transparency, which the mentioned JPEG does not allow. Note that WebP is not supported as widely by all browsers as SVG. It is currently supported by Google Chrome and Opera.

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