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Ułatwiamy kontrolę rezerwacji dla zamówień nieopłaconych marketplace. Domyślnie ograniczamy wysyłkę wiadomości do klientów z Allegro

Now you can check with the new order list which orders are waiting to be paid and downloaded from marketplaces. In one place you will check reserved goods for upcoming orders with the possibility of earlier verification. In addition, we introduce by default blocking e-mails sent to customers from Allegro in view of the requirements of the service to limit them.

Keep control over reservations for orders pending payment

From now on you can easily check how the list of not yet paid orders for external services is shaping up. In the new module "List of reservations for goods from unpaid orders", you can quickly check what the currently placed reservations look like and which transactions they relate to.

Using the list, you can go directly to the order at the external service and verify for yourself whether it is still legitimate. In addition, for services you can:

  • withdraw a reservation imposed against an unpaid order
  • force the retrieval of such an order if the service in question returns an appropriate set of data

You can check the new list from the menu Sales / Sales handling by marketplaces / Allegro / Check reservations from unpaid orders and menu Marketing and integrations / Martketplaces

Sprawdź wszystkie dostępne integracje Marketplaces

We limit sending emails for orders from Allegro

To meet the Allegro changes regarding limiting the messages received by buyers we introduce by default the blockade of emails sent to the domain associated with the order from Allegro. The change will help meet the requirements set by Allegro regarding the minimization of messages received by buyers. If you still want to continue sending messages to customers from Allegro despite the indications, our support department can add an appropriate exception.

The changes should be available for all sellers within the next two weeks.


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