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The summary of changes in STANDARD templates from March and April 2021 [Updated]

On April 20, 2021 we have released new STANDARD templates. The key changes are a huge optimization job for Google Core Vitals (SEO), Infinity scroll, a new way of presenting a text search engine using the Searching Pro capabilities, support for a new module for submitting and accepting orders within the organization (B2B), showing differently products that have ended on the search lists and optimization in terms of increasing conversion.

Infinity scroll now in STANDARD templates

We strive to constantly work on increasing conversion and shopping convenience. Therefore, from now on, using the new possibilities of search lists, we have used the mechanism of dynamic product loading while scrolling the page (the so-called infinity scroll) in STANDARD templates. Of course, while making these changes, we took care of SEO optimization. Thanks to this change, customers no longer have to click through dozens of pages with interesting products. To view all possible products in a given category, just scroll down the page, and the content of subsequent pages will be dynamically loaded and displayed without having to go to the next page yourself. Of course, panning still works and allows page-to-page navigation, which is essential for proper indexing by Google crawlers. Until now, similar solutions were used only in individual templates, at an additional cost.

New text search engine and Searching Pro support

The operation of the search engine in the store has a significant impact on the amount of sales, because it is involved in as much as 30% - 50% of orders. We are constantly working on improving this element. And recently (blog/nowe-mozliwosci-wyszukiwarki-tekstowej-w-sklepie-i-dodatkowa-usluga-searching-pro-ktora-poprawia-konwersje-i-sprzedaz-1235327272|we've introduced an additional Searching Pro functionality package)) that increases sales and conversion even more. It allows, among others return suggested phrases to search. The new STANDARD templates support this possibility, so with such a template you can go ahead and activate additional possibilities. By the way, we've improved the appearance and composition of information, even when the phrase prediction function is not active.

Support for the new module for placing and accepting orders within the organization (B2B)

The Standard B2B v3 template has received a refreshed customer panel with the option of setting up additional accounts within one company. Thanks to this, your customers can now easily manage the budget, e.g. of individual branches by setting up accounts that allow you to add orders, the approval of which rests with the decision-making person. If you have activated the B2B package, then after updating the template you can activate the module of placing and accepting orders within the organization for selected customers.

Different marking of products not available on the search lists

Products that are not available in the store but are visible on the search lists may increase the likelihood of leaving the store. Therefore, only producers and distributors should use the opportunity to present them. To avoid the effect of impatience, we've additionally marked such products to stand out from those available. If a given product has been sold out and is not available in stock, its photo on the search list will be grayed out and the product itself will be marked with information about temporary unavailability. On this occasion, we would like to remind you that if you are not a producer or a distributor, it is best to buy goods that ended up hiding when they run out. This does not negatively affect SEO, but customers will only focus on what is available.

Extension of the "shopping tunnel" to the login and registration page

The results of many A/B tests conducted by us in the last 3 months have proved that the use of the so-called the shopping tunnel on the login and registration page increases conversion. Minimizing the risk of distraction of the user has a positive effect on the performance of desired actions, such as registration in the store, which can ultimately increase sales. We do not currently have clear results for the shopping cart, which you often ask in the context of extending the shopping tunnel. This means that the use of a tunnel does not improve and sometimes worsen the conversion. We are still investigating this phenomenon and until a solution is found at least not to worsen the conversion, we have not introduced the shopping tunnel to the cart page.

Breadcrumb is now extended with related categories

Breadcrumb navigation allows users to track their current location in the online store, thus making it easier to return to the pages that the user has previously traveled. In the latest revision of STANDARD templates, we have extended the functionality of breadcrumb with the possibility of quick and easy transition to a related product category.

Visual encouragement to use the Smile delivery service

If you use the STANDARD template, after enabling the free Smile shipments in your store, on the product card and in the basket, visual elements will automatically appear encouraging you to make purchases for PLN 40 to get free delivery to InPost parcel lockers. If you haven't turned on the Smile service yet, find out jak skorzystać z darmowej dostawy do paczkomatów.

Optimization for a high score in Google Core Web Vitals (SEO)

Google Core Web Vitals are new web metrics that will become part of the Google search algorithm in the coming months. The new look at website performance puts a lot of emphasis on user experience, which is why we've analyzed and optimized STANDARD templates to make sure that, in addition to the increase in performance, customers using our solutions will not experience, inter alia, unexpected jumping of elements that could cause an unwanted button to be clicked. More information about this can be found in the dedicated post "Standard templates have been optimized for Core Web Vitals".

The summary of other template changes

  • Improved the the product availability filter
  • Prepared STANDARD templates to display the crossed out price in products with an individual discount
  • Added a header and footer in the STANDARD One Page Shop v3 template
  • Improved taking into account the panel settings or displaying the toplayer asking to go to the cart in STANDARD One Page Shop v3
  • Improved displaying sizes in sets and collections in the cart of the STANDARD B2B v3 template
  • Optimized the product gallery in STANDARD 4 v3
  • Improved the calculation of the quantity of products "sold for" covered by the special offer in the basket
  • Improved the conversion of prices of products covered by a quantity discount on the product card
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to select more than 1 free gifts
  • Improved the loading of recommendation zones with the changed browser view
  • Improved the method of validating fields in the registration form and editing customer data

How to take advantage of the new features?

If you use our STANDARD templates STANDARD update them to the latest revisions to take advantage of the new solutions we have developed in recent months. If you use a individual template, the changes made are also available to you, just create a message to the graphic department with a request to update the component you are interested in and one of our experienced specialists will guide you through the entire process. The presented solutions are standard, which means that if they are used, the costs of introducing new products are minimal. However, if you have your own idea how to use the changes in a different way or modify for your own purposes, please contact us.

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Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

Update 2021-04-21

A new revision on the day of release could in some cases cause problems with the display of remote so-called on-site payment card formats. The problem was affecting IdoPay and Stripe payments. The fix was made available immediately, before 24h. If you encounter a problem of this type, please go to the MODERATION / Templates management section first and update your templates to the latest version.

Update 2021-06-01

Due to technical reasons, STANDARD B2B v3 template currently does not support the mechanism of dynamic loading of products on the product lists while scrolling the page (the so-called infinity scroll).

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