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The latest standard for communicating with Amazon. Explore the Selling Partner API

You can now switch your Amazon integration to the new data exchange standard - Selling Parter API. The latest Amazon-recommended mechanism will provide greater connection stability and the possibility of extending the module with previously unavailable options.

What is the new way to communicate with Amazon?

The Selling Partner API is a new integration standard that Amazon is implementing. It offers a number of improvements over the previous version. The new mechanism is more stable and has fewer limitations. In the future, it will enable the implementation of previously unsupported options.

An example is Amazon Vendor, which is a sales model where a seller supplies a wholesale quantity to Amazon, which sells your products on its behalf.

On the IdoSell side, any new modules that extend your existing Amazon integration will already require a new way of connecting. So it is already worth thinking about changing the connection type to the new mechanism.

Do I need to change my existing integration method?

For sellers who already have an active integration in the IdoSell panel, the change is voluntary. You can enable the integration at any time. For newly added shops and those that have not yet had an integration, connection via the Selling Partner API will be the default form.

Amazon plans to completely disable the old way of communication in the first half of 2022. Connecting via the new way will then be required. Don't worry if you miss this moment, we will remind you about the changes well in advance. In case of any inconsistencies in the operation of the new mechanism, Support has the possibility to restore the previous way of communication.

How do I get started?

In your Amazon account set up, select Connect to Selling Partner API in the new section and the Connect option. The button will take you to your Amazon dashboard, where you will receive an authorization message with the IdoSell app after logging in first.

The linking will take place when you tick the permission and select 'Confirm'. From this moment on, your account will be able to use the new integration. You can also check the status and validity of the connection in the list of Amazon accounts connected to the panel.

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