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The latest IdoSell integration with Packeta. Sell to Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries around the world

Thanks to IdoSell integration you will be able to sell to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and dozens of other countries. Everything to make your business grow. Enjoy a wide selection of deliveries and send your goods to 34 countries. Packeta means eight thousand own pick-up points, 92 thousand partner points and integration with 70 courier companies.

Cross-border is a great way to increase sales and achieve success abroad. Build a strong brand for your store and leverage the potential that selling on international markets, including Central and Eastern Europe, has.

What will you gain by integrating with Packeta?

  • cheap and fast shipments abroad
  • ability to open and check shipments at pickup points or with a courier
  • choice of delivery options: to pick-up points, at home, to Z-BOX parcel machines
  • the most recognizable network of collection points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Zasylkovnia (in Poland it was known as Parcelkownia)
  • deliveries to 34 countries
  • integration with 70 courier companies
  • quick return logistics
  • extensive network of own warehouses
  • possibility to provide fulfillment services
  • flexible adjustment of services to the needs of your customers

Thanks to the integration with Packeta you have the possibility not only to send orders from Poland, but also from warehouses located in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Pickup points in six countries

Delivery to a point is the most popular delivery method. It allows the buyer to pick up the shipment at a convenient time and location for him.

Packeta is rapidly expanding its own network of pickup points and cooperating with networks in many countries (e.g. Hermes in Germany or Inpost in Poland). Thanks to our integration you can deliver your orders to over 30 thousand points in six countries: Germany (Hermes network), Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland (Inpost network).

Customs clearance without printing documents

Want to start selling cross border but afraid of the hassle of documents necessary for shipping outside the EU? Thanks to Packeta integration, this process will be easy and understandable. To make it simpler, when generating the waybill, we pass the required information to Packet's API for you.

If you generate invoices in IdoSell Shop, they will be automatically sent to Packet API, as an electronic document (PDF). If you generate invoices outside of IdoSell Shop, you have the option of uploading them manually from within the order, or uploading them using the Admin Panel API. It is crucial that the invoice document is already in the store panel before the packing slip generation takes place.

Through Packet's services you will be able to send orders to countries that are not in the customs union: UK, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates.

Packeta is a global e-commerce platform that provides comprehensive logistics services for online stores. It currently delivers to 34 countries, has 8,000 of its own pick-up points and 92,000 partner points. Packeta, in 2020, safely delivered over 40 million shipments.

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