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Take care of the quality of your offer and make the most of the opportunities that we have prepared for you in the new module "Goods and advertising on Google"

The new "Google merchandise and advertising" module captures the previously scattered options for managing merchandise and advertising on Google. For customers of the Google Ads by IdoSell service (formerly IAI Ads), it offers additional diagnostic functionality that allows to optimize the quality of the offer, as well as additional statistics illustrating the activity of goods on the Google Shopping tab (Free Listings)

The new module "Google merchandise and advertising" can be found in the section: MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS / Google goods and advertising .

We have transferred functionalities enabling the management of goods and advertisements on Google to it:

  • service Google Ads by IdoSell (formerly IAI Ads),
  • generating a product feed for Google Shopping, needed for self-management of advertisements: MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS/ Goods and advertisements in Google/Product feed for Google Shopping for self-management of advertisements (functionality transferred from MARKETING I INTEGRATIONS/Price comparison websites, shopping arcades and catalogs).

If you are a customer of the service Google Ads by IdoSell (formerly IAI Ads), then as part of the new module:

  • you will check the activity of your goods in the Free Listings service, which allows you to present your offer for free on the Google Shopping tab,
  • you will find functionality that allows you to verify the quality of your product offer.

Free Listings - Free information about products on the Google Shopping tab

At the end of 2020, Google introduced the option of free displaying products in the Shopping tab as part of the enhanced listings on surfaces across Google. With the appearance of this service on Google, we have activated it for all service customers Google Ads by IdoSell (formerly IAI Ads), and now we additionally allow you to track its statistics in a new tab Free Listings as part of the service statistics Google Ads by IdoSell.

What does it mean that my items are available on the Google Shopping tab for free?

Due to the fact that your Google Merchant Center account (created as part of the Google Ads by IdoSell service) has an active product information service on the Google Shopping tab, your products are also visible for free in the Google Shopping tab, where they have a chance to convert:

  • in the Shopping tab, products that match the phrase entered by users in the search engine are displayed, so it is an additional, free sales channel,
  • clicks on products displayed on the Google Shopping tab are free,
  • Our observations show that thanks to the presence of your products on the Google Shopping tab, you can increase the number of conversions in your store by up to 3%.

What's the difference between paid ads and free info on the Google Shopping tab?

  • different place of appearance of products - free offers appear under paid results,
  • significant differences in the display of offers on mobile,
  • additional function: Compare by store function- presentation of the offer on the Google Shopping tab allows you to compare the price of the product in different stores, which gives stores with the best price offer an advantage. Therefore, we encourage you to actively optimize your prices.

The quality of the offer sent to Google Merchant Center determines whether the products will be displayed in Google Space. In order to help you increase the chances of conversion and make the most of the possibilities of free presentation of your products on Google, we have extended the possibilities of diagnosing your product feed.

Check and correct the goods' compliance with Google requirements

Merchant Center accounts are reviewed regularly and if your merchandise data is found to be non-compliant with the listing quality requirements, your merchandise may be rejected and your Merchant Center account suspended. Disapproved products don't appear in Shopping ads or Free Listings. That is why it is so important to have an ongoing insight into the quality of your goods data, which will allow you to easily identify and solve problems regarding your offer.

All you need to do is select the option in the new module: Check and correct the compliance of goods with Google requirements / Correct diagnosed problems with goods in Google Ads by IdoSell and Free Listings.
In the Account and merchandise issues section, you will find a list of identified issues with your merchandise or the account itself.

  • Product rejections

The product will be disapproved if the product data on the item sheet does not match the product information on your website.
This means that the product should be corrected according to the Google recommendations available under the question mark icon, the corrected product will be sent again. It can take up to 12 hours to verify that a data violation is resolved.

  • Product warnings

Product alerts alert you to issues that are reducing the effectiveness of your ads and free information, or that could cause your product or account to freeze in the future if you fail to resolve them.
These products will still show with Shopping ads and free information, but their effectiveness may be limited.


  • If you are a customer of the service Google Ads by IdoSell, your product file is activated by default in the Google Space responsible for Free Listings. If you don't have statistics on your product activity available on the Google Shopping tab, Free Listings are being hosted on a different Merchant Center account.
  • Information on account and merchandise issues is available for download via API in English only. Therefore, the list of problems will also be presented in English in your shop panel.

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