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Selling to the Czech Republic more effectively - we are expanding trading opportunities on

We are introducing the possibility of adding as a separate sales service. This is a chance to present your offers directly as a local seller, using individual descriptions and integrated deliveries in the Czech Republic.

Selling to the Czech Republic more effectively as a separate sales service in IdoSell is a cross-border service available on IdoSell from May 2023, which allows sellers from Poland to present their offers on the Czech market. Thanks to the integration with, as a seller from Poland, you can easily and quickly expand your target group to include customers from the Czech Republic. Listings are automatically translated and converted into the relevant currency.

From now on, you also have the option to add an account from as a local seller for the Czech Republic. In addition, you can, among other things, create your own dedicated descriptions for, add individual prices or support built-in couriers such as WE|DO.

What do you gain by adding as a separate sales service?

Expand your reach and get to new customers in the Czech Republic. With, you have everything you need to compete successfully in the country while maintaining full control over your listings.

  • Selling as a local seller

With, you can now sell on the Czech market, presenting yourself as a local seller. This is an excellent way to increase trust among Czech customers.

  • Integrated shipments to the Czech Republic

Use integrated couriers for the Czech Republic market. This now makes shipping from the Czech Republic to the Czech Republic much simpler and more efficient.

  • Individual offer settings

Set customised descriptions, images and other elements of your offer by listing directly to the Czech Republic. Whether you are a seller in the Czech Republic or you are shipping from Poland, you have the option to tailor your offer to both countries.

  • Flexibility in pricing

With, you now have the option to use different pricing strategies between the sites. Set prices for listings visible on, regardless of whether they have been duplicated from or listed directly on the Czech Republic.

  • Management of offers

Search and manage the listings you already present on Allegro. Check which ones are not yet visible in a particular country to systematically control their visibility on the foreign country.

How do you configure as a separate sales site?

Configuration of as a separate sales service in the IdoSell panel follows the same procedure as for

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