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News of Amazon integration - new countries, easier migration and improvements for fulfillment

New countries offered by Amazon are Belgium, Japan, Australia and Canada. Check out local customers' expectations and requirements for offers and deliveries. Migrate Amazon integration to our platform more securely and quickly. You will reduce the time and risk of differences in inventory of goods when the system changes. Also see the new changes to fulfillment orders that we have made based on our customers' indications.

New countries available in Amazon Marketplace integration

As Amazon expands its presence in more countries, we are expanding the integration to include more services:

This makes it easy for you to expand your existing exports to new markets. All you have to do is launch them on Amazon's side and add new accounts in the panel.


Possibility to keep the offer in the Amazon tray even after the export is turned off

From now on, goods that have been excluded from export to Amazon from the panel can still remain in your tray. You can choose whether disabling a product should delete the goods or only reset them. The change will allow you to keep the set changes to the goods when you re-export them.

Important changes in Amazon fulfillment from 01.03.2023

Amazon is making a change on handling FBA from 01.03.2023. As of this date, if a seller on Amazon's side of the panel approaches or interferes with notification, it will block the ability of the external system to further handle this delivery. Interfering with the notification or just accessing it through Amazon's site may result in the system's inability to further handle it. That's why it's a good idea to carry out the entire process through IdoSell's built-in Amazon FBA integration.

Extension of the returned messages at notification

We have expanded the information returned to the process of preparing a delivery to Amazon warehouses. This will allow you to verify more quickly and accurately the reason for the rejection of an attempted notification on Amazon's side.

Other changes

A number of smaller changes concerning, among other things, improving the handling of gift orders or setting automatic lead times have already been released. We publish information about them regularly on our blog as part of changelog. We encourage you to follow it.

The above changes will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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