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New payment display tool. Customize the list of payment methods according to customer preferences

We have implemented changes to the payment methods in IdoSell stores. Now you can easily adjust the list of payment methods to the preferences of your customers. Check out what's changed and why exposing payments will help you increase conversions.

Depending on your assortment and your customers' habits, the way you present payments can influence the purchase decision. For example: If you sell expensive goods, customers will be interested in deferred or installment payments and will look for them first. If your main customers are from outside of Poland, they may be interested in international payment systems such asPayPal.

payment exposure - payment exposure

That is why we have added the ability to display selected payment methods. From now on you can easily manage the order of available payment methods and display selected forms at the top of the list.

You can still rely on our automated system, which will select the order of methods to suit the customer. This is done with the option 'Expose and sort payment methods in the steps of the check out process', which you can find in each payment profile in the 'Payment display configuration' tab.

In this tab, additionally, you will be able to manually select both the order of payments and their exposure, i.e. displaying certain forms above the rest of the grouped payment forms.

sorting and exposing payments - sorting and exposing payments

Remember: to benefit from the payment display functionality, your store must be using the new payment functionality - if you are using our our standard templates, either as your main shop template or in Standard COP mode, you can already use the functionality. Otherwise, contact us and order an update of your shop template.

You can also change the design of your site yourself with tools, which we provide in the administration panel of your store.

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