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New IdoSell service for those who need minor shop customisation

You can now easily have small changes made to your shop template, without having to order recurring contract work. The new IdoSell service enables single-day contracting, thanks to which you'll be able to contract expert work for a selected period of time at one time. We introduced the service in response to the demand for minor modifications to shop templates. Sometimes the scope of changes was too small to commission regular work on it. Check what contract work in IdoSell consists in and which of them will be beneficial for you.

New IdoSell service for those who need minor shop customisation

What is a contract work in IdoSell?

Contract work is a scheduled, timely activity that leads to the development of your shop and to the completion of changes you have designated. They can take place for any number of days, in cyclical or single mode. During a contract day, an IdoSell expert is available to you for a full seven hours. During this time, he/she will complete tasks and improve your online shop.

The scope of work that an IdoSell expert can do for you is very wide and is not limited only to coding changes in the template. Our employees are also specialists in areas such as user experience (user-oriented shop design) or conversion optimisation (increasing the percentage of users who make a purchase).

What has changed?

Until now, you could only contract work on a recurring basis. This meant that you contracted expert work for a selected number of days, each month. The settlements were in 4-week cycles (e.g. one day every 4 weeks or 3 days every 4 weeks).

This was not always the optimal solution, because sometimes the scope of changes and merchant needs is too small or the waiting time for these changes is too long (e.g. if you wanted to make quick modifications that would take about 14 hours, with cyclical contracts you would have to spread this over 2 months).

Now you can decide whether you want to buy cyclic contract work or have us do single contracting. The first is recommended for retailers who are constantly planning to develop the shop and test the solutions they have introduced.

Single contract work is a new service from IdoSell. It is recommended to merchants who care about one-off and quick changes.

How does single day contracting work?

  • You specify in advance the number of days you want to contract. Each day is 7 man-hours (payment is for actual hours worked). The number of days is arbitrary. The minimum is 1 day.
  • During the work, you can contact the web developer in a live meeting with the option of splitting the screen
  • Contract work is scheduled on specific days.
  • Work deadlines are not rescheduled. They are queued, and in the case of unplanned absence of the web developer, they are moved to the end of the queue
  • You can specify the developer you wish to work with (or choose any other with the quickest possible availability)


The cost of cyclical and single work is the same. Until the end of February it is 150 PLN net per hour, from March 160 PLN net per hour. If you order work until the end of February, and want to use it in March or April, it will be billed at the current, lower price.


As always, all work is covered by IdoSell's guarantee. If something doesn't work with the engine, an optimisation / priority change order is made. You don't have to report the error yourself. Additionally, our specialists have full knowledge of the system's capabilities and optimisation methods.

How to order contract work?

  • Log in to BOK
  • Select the Support tab.
  • Contract work can be found in: CONTRACT WORK

After sending us a message in which you select the variant of cooperation, we will contact you and arrange all the details.

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