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New feature in the customer list - group editing. Improved export to CSV and minor changes to search engine

We have made a number of changes to the customer list and a few tweaks that will allow you to work better on your files. We have added an option for group modification of the most popular options. For the export to CSV, we implemented the possibility to return data only from those columns that have been set in the customer list view. We have also refreshed the visual presentation (along the lines of the existing shop goods list). Read the article and see what we've changed to make it easier for you to work in the store.

Bulk editing of customers

Following the example of bulk editing of orders or products, we have introduced a twin functionality for the customer list. From now on, you can bulk edit the following options:

  • Delete personal details and block the account - you will mass anonymize the data of customers who have requested this;
  • Customer type - you will change the customer type, e.g. private person to company;
  • Wholesaler status - you will change the information on a customer's card if they are a wholesaler;
  • Customer service representative - you will assign the appropriate account manager to the selected customers;
  • Issue a collective invoice at the end of the month - you will set the option to issue a summary invoice;
  • Sales with VAT - you will change the method of accounting for VAT;
  • Delivery profile - you will assign one of the selected delivery profiles to multiple customers;
  • "Pages to which a customer is assigned" and "Customers can only log in to pages to which they are assigned" - you will select the shops to which you want to assign access to selected customers;
  • Email and sms mailing - you will change multiple customers' consent to receive email / SMS newsletters;
  • Customer tags - you will collectively add and remove selected tags, as well as change their value;
  • Inform customer - you will decide whether you want to inform clients about changes made to their account via e-mail / SMS.

Export only selected customer data to CSV

From now on, you can also export only the customer data that is visible in the current list view. Using the views and their different settings, you can easily control the range of data you want to be included in the exported CSV file.

By using the export of all data, you will get all the information that is possible to set in the list view. We have changed the naming of the columns in the exported CSV file to the same naming that is used when importing data.

We have corrected the problem of redundant permission to export the customer database. Previously, a panel user could go to the customer list and select the export option there and use the Export and Import module.

We have made improvements to the customer search engine in the shop.

- We have added the possibility to search for customers by the method of accounting for VAT;
- We have changed the way you search for a customer by phone number - you no longer need to enter the exact phone number, we will search for the customer by the best match including dashes, spaces etc.

When will you be able to use the new features described?

The changes described will hit all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this blog post.

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