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List of clients and products they observe for re-availability

The administration panel has been expanded with new function - you can now check, which customers observe which products for their re-availability in store. It's an expansion of recently-added [/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235324194 notification about product re-availability function]. Thanks to this new option, seller can stay informed, which products one's clients are interested in.

New tool is available in CUSTOMERS \ Product added to favorites or observed for re-availability. It is a tool, that replaced the obsolete list of clients, that added particular products to their list of observed products. Both lists were enriched with new columns with number of clients that observer indicated products and average time of such observation. List can be sorted by two columns, so the seller can learn, what products have been observed for the longest time (and buy them or remove from offer) or check, which are the most interesting ones.