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Improve sales effectiveness related to customers' use of in-store search tool - enable Searching Pro

On average, the in-store search tool is involved in between 30% and 50% of orders, which means that its performance has a significant impact on sales effectiveness.

When using the in-store search tool, typically between 10% and 20% of queries return a page with an empty number of results. This happens for several reasons - users search for products that are not in the shop's assortment, they use natural language, which they are accustomed to using search engines such as Google, and they type in queries with errors - usually typos or misspelled brands or models of products.

Basing on the Elasticsearch technology recently implemented in IdoSell shops, we have introduced, as an extension of the in-store search tool, the Searching Pro service, thanks to which it will be easier for shoppers to reach the products they are looking for. Initial tests have shown a conversion improvement of up to several percent.

For example - in the sanitary fittings shop, some of the most frequently entered phrases are "sink mixer" and "kitchen taps", resulting in an empty results page. Introducing a redirect for these phrases to the phrase "kitchen faucet" resulted in a page displaying over a hundred results.

Activate the Searching Pro service and you will receive:

  • suggestion of the most popular search phrases related to the searched phrase, which will reduce the risk of typing the phrase with errors - the customer will be able to choose the suggested phrase;
  • statistics of phrases in the shop search tool with particular emphasis on the phrases returning empty search results;
  • a possibility of defining phrase redirections to other phrases returning better results or to the indicated pages (redirections will also be visible in the search suggestions);
  • sorting products in the search results taking into account the sales attractiveness - by showing in the first place the products, which previously when searching for a given phrase led to conversions, were clicked more, are more available or sell better in the shop.

The service is available to clients using the new subscription plans for 25 PLN per month for Elastic CLOUD and 50 PLN per month for CLOUD PRO. For clients using IAI RS the service works without additional charges.

You can order the service and configure it in the new panel section: MODERATION / Text search tool.

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