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IdoSell integration with Spartoo. Discover new opportunities for the fashion and decor industry

Sell your products on a site that is one of the leaders in e-commerce for fashion and decor on the European market. Thanks to the integration you will gain access to over 20 dedicated regional sites and reach 450 million registered users. Sell on Spartoo both in Poland and in other European countries. Learn about the latest IdoSell integration and check how easy it will be to present your products on Spartoo.

Spartoo - marketplace is known in over 20 countries

Spartoo started as an online shop, mainly known in France and the UK. Now it is a popular marketplace that specializes in fashion - selling shoes, clothes, leather goods, and recently also home décor. Spartoo is present in over 20 countries and has dedicated regional versions. Also in Poland, its recognition is clearly growing.

Integration of IdoSell with Spartoo will allow you to sell both in Poland and other European markets (in order to sell outside the PL service, you need to get prior approval from Spartoo).

Advantages of IdoSell and Spartoo integration

The latest IdoSell integration means many advantages for your online shop. Spartoo is a completely new sales channel for your products. Thanks to the possibility to create individual offers, you will easily present your strongest sides and highlight your bestsellers.

With our module, as a retailer you can:

  • Export and create a new merchandise card on Spartoo (own title, photo, description)
  • Update information about an item in real-time (i.e. quantity, price, description or photos)
  • Download orders to the shop panel to use the automation of handling and packaging
  • Prepare an individual title and description, depending on the market where the goods are presented
  • Send information about order status and package number
  • Adjust prices for external markets according to your policy

The integration is aimed at all sellers in the fashion and home furnishing industry. It allows you to easily start selling also outside Poland, also to Central and Eastern European markets.

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How to run

On Spartoo side

On the merchant account on the site, you need to generate and download the API key for integration -(Merchand ID in webservices). To do this, expand the Home tab and then select the About section. There you will find a field which you have to copy and enter in the panel configuration.

You will also need to give unique names to your courier services in Spartoo. If you agree to sell on foreign markets, you will additionally need to request the activation of automatic currency conversion.

On the IdoSell side

In the menu Marketing and integrations / Marketplaces / Spartoo activate the Spartoo integration. In the edit box, enter the API key you copied earlier and select the region to which you are exporting the offer (after Spartoo approval).

For proper export, the goods should have the IdoSell category set, price above 1 EUR (in conversion), manufacturer and have at least one image (minimum 350x350px). You should also adjust your sizes to those available on Spartoo via the mapping module - Marketing and integrations / Marketplaces / Spartoo then by clicking Select -> Size mapping.

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