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IdoSell integrates with Shopee. Add a new sales channel in your offer!

Now you can integrate your shop with in just a few simple steps. Post offers using proven mechanisms from popular marketplaces, import previously posted offers, automatically update stock and prices up to every 10 minutes, generate Shopee Logistic shipments from the order level, use the offer search engine, setup profiles and post multi-size products. These are just some of the possibilities that integration with will give you.'''

What is is part of a global sales platform used by millions of customers. The decision to open this version of the site has allowed Polish online shops to display their products in a new and interesting sales channel. Shopee's strong commitment to the domestic market is evidenced by, among other things, extensive promotional campaigns in the media and social media and special offers for sellers, such as low (often zero) commissions. Buyers, in turn, can benefit from discount coupons and, in many cases, free shipping.

IdoSell integration

The module is based on proven and efficient mechanisms known from the biggest websites (Allegro and eBay). In the integration with Shopee, you gain the possibility to configure deliveries, setting profiles, individual parameters or indicating the category in which the product may be placed. Moreover, thanks to IdoSell, you may place multi-size offers within one product.

Integration possibilities

  • Connection of multiple accounts
  • Possibility to apply personalized options thanks to the service Profiles settings
  • Ability to create goods in the shop on the basis of the offer in Shopee throughimport
  • Ability to connect active offers through mapping tool and import
  • Group listing from the commodity list.
  • Generation of Shopee Logistic labels from the panel
  • Posting from the commodity card level
  • Support for multi-size offers.
  • Categories and parameters can be set using Group Product Edit
  • * Fast, automatic updates of prices and quantities (even every 10 minutes)
  • Simple update offers by editing profile
  • Access to advanced search engine for listed auctions
  • Group offert edit for
  • Automatic assignment of Shopee courier services to the panel.
  • Configuration and ordering of Shopee courier while generating shipments.
  • Download of orders (every 10 minutes)
  • Sending status and tracking number to Shopee
  • Automatic updates of title, template, warranty, claim conditions, goods size

How to get started

The first step is to add a Shopee account in the menu Marketing and integrations -> Marketplaces select Shopee PL -> Account settings. When the account is ready, add the settings profile under Marketing and integrations -> Marketplaces -> Marketplace settings -> Settings profiles.
For correct order receipt, it is also necessary to map the deliveries in the menu Administration -> Warehouse and logistics -> Delivery configuration Assignment of courier services in IdoSell to courier services of external services -> Shopee.

On the goods tab in the Sales services menu, a dedicated service shall appear: Shopee, where we have to set the category, required parameters and sizes of the goods in the Logistics tab.

These mandatory fields can of course also be filled in in bulk from the level of Group Merchandise Edit. Listing can be made individually (from the commodity card) as well as from the commodity list by selecting the products and choosing the menu Marketplaces -> List on Allegro/eBay/Shopee


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