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How to transform your products into the perfect gift for every occasion? Apply gift cards as a payment method!

Gift cards and gift vouchers are extremely popular and always well-chosen gifts. And, as it is the high time to think over the strategy for upcoming Christmas, we have an early gift for you. We are happy to provide you with a new tool – gift cards and a renewed module of gift vouchers.

How to fully use the potential of gift cards and vouchers?

  • Gift cards which can be purchased in brick-and-mortar stores

It is definitely the most popular use of gift cards. They can be found at point of sales in almost every retail chain. Thanks to gift cards offered in your brick-and-mortar stores you will incorporate the online store in omnichannel, as gift cards can be used by customers also in your online store. Soon it will also be possible in the offline store as IAI POS is going to accept gift cards. It will allow to e.g. enter a new card to the system by scanning the card number at the moment of purchasing the card by a customer.

  • Gift cards which can be purchased in online stores

In order to sell gift cards it is enough to create a new product, e.g. Gift card£200 and prepare attractive template of the card in PDF so that a customer can receive it at the moment of purchase. You can also prepare plastic cards on which you include your logo and send it to your customers along with the information that the card can be topped up.

  • Card provided as a refund

Until now you could refund your customers by topping up their customer balance. From now on, thanks to gift cards, you can send cash to a bearer, what makes gift cards even more universal. Your customer can pass the card to somebody else, e.g. a wife or a daughter who can use it for completely different assortment in your store.

What is the difference between a gift card and a gift voucher?

You can make use of gift cards but also also gift vouchers. What is the difference between them?

  • Gift card
    • is of multiple use – can be used and topped up many times
    • is secured with PIN – in the brick-and-mortar store a card ID can be seen by other customers. Therefore we have secured gift cards with PIN so that nobody but the card holder, can do online shopping using the card.
    • Gift voucher
    • gift voucher can only be used fully – unused amount left on the voucher cannot be used again. It is therefore a trigger for making the basket value bigger.
    • voucher is marked as used after shopping - it can only be used once

Would you like to learn more and implement gift cards in your shop? Go to the page about Gift cards and gift vouchers

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For Developers

If you look after an online shop that wants to implement gift cards and gift vouchers to the shop system, we have prepared two API gateways for you: API-GiftCards and API-Vouchers.

Note from our Web-developers: In order to implement gift cards and PIN verification it is required to update the shop layout:

  • if you use STANDARD layout, the changes will be available along with the next update of STANDARD layouts
  • if you use individually designed layout it is necessary to update it