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How to promote your online shop on social media? Stand out and engage customers

How to make your business stand out in social media and reach new customers? Learn proven ways to increase reach, engage users and stand out from the competition.

Imagine if your products could reach 4.62 billion users worldwide. How do you tap into that potential? A week ago we published four proven ways to get new followers. Today, we're recommending the next part of the guide, where you'll learn how to stand out on social media and how to engage and maintain a relationship with your customers.

Create posts that sell

Stand out

Social media is a great place to use to promote and advertise your products. However, in order to make your presence felt on social media, you need to break through the many similar offers that come from your competitors. How can you grab the attention of potential customers and stand out from other sellers? Check out tips from IdoSell

Free Tools
If you don't have enough resources to hire the services of a professional graphic designer, it's worth using free applications with which you can present your products in a creative way.

One such application is PhotoRoom' (available in the Google Store and AppStore). With the help of PhotoRoom you can easily cut out a product from the background of a photo. In the application you will also find an extensive library, in which you can choose a background for your product and present it in an unconventional way.

Show your production
According to the "Digital 2022" report, as many as 31.3 percent of internet users watch videos from the "Tutorial/ How to do" category with interest. If you manufacture your products yourself, show it off. Take advantage of the fact that the DIY theme is very popular and show the production process.

What can you gain by doing so? First and foremost, you will encourage potential customers to follow you on social media and increase their engagement. This is important both from the point of view of algorithms and your online image. Show how important your skills and experience are in the production process.


Attracting customer attention is only half the battle. It is also important to keep it and thus retain the customer for longer. Try to engage and interact with them. You can achieve this in several ways.

Social media is often used for entertainment. That's why it's a good idea for the content you publish to evoke similar emotions. Gamification is a term used in marketing that involves using schemes and elements from games to engage your audience.

How to use gamification to promote our products? All kinds of surveys, puzzles or animations starring your products will work perfectly.

Call to action
Call to action is a so-called call to action that you can use to engage users. Good examples of call to action in social media are: If you agree, leave a heart below the post or Write your opinion on this topic in the comments or Go to and learn more about our products.

Remember not to overdo it and use only one call to action in your posts.

Build relationships

When publishing content on social media, focus not only on the message, but also on the reception. To retain new followers for longer, it's worth establishing a relationship with them.

Engaged followers will become brand ambassadors and will increase your publicity by recommending your content and products to their friends.

How to create an engaged community on social media?
To establish a relationship with your audience, it makes sense to interact with them. Reply to every comment and message. Ask your followers what content will be useful to them. Send welcome messages to new visitors.

You can look at the profile of your most active fans, like posts and leave comments. This way, you'll present yourself as a brand with people working for it, rather than a 'faceless' company.

Check your statistics

To make our content better and more effective, let's take 15 minutes a day to look at the stats dashboard of the social media of our choice. Let's see which of our content generated more interest, let's analyse what time of publication appeals more to our audience and let's see which posts were the most effective bridges between the social media application and our online shop's website.


Conscious social media management requires us to take our time. Therefore, don't publish content that doesn't directly and indirectly lead to increasing other resources, namely money.

In each post, whether it is a tutorial content or more gamification, locate your products and clearly indicate where they can be purchased. Reward your most engaged followers by offering them a discount, e.g. only redeemable with a minimum purchase of two products. Regularly remind your followers who you are, what you offer and where it can be purchased.

Important: Keep in mind that you don't run your online shop's social media for impressions, hearts under posts or a growing number of followers. Your social media is about increasing your revenue and attracting new, engaged customers who will become promoters of your brand.

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