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Generation of summary invoices has been added to dropshipping in the B2B module

As part of the work on the B2B module, automatic generation of summary invoices functionality was added. For customers working in dropshipping, the ability to automatically issue a summary invoice at the end of each month has been made available. When activated on the customer's card, trade credit orders without an invoice will be collected at the end of the month in one document, which will be sent to the contractor via the EDI system and placed in the summary document report.

Conditions necesary for summary invoice to be issued:

  • on the customer card in the administration panel the item Issue a summary invoice at the end of the month is set to yes
  • the order does not have an invoice (proforma is not taken into account)
  • the order is placed with a trade credit
  • order placed via dropshipping module
  • the settlement period for a summary invoice is one month.

According to these conditions, the collected orders will be presented as a single document available from each order and in Reports and finances/Unpaid and overdue receivables/Collective invoice search engine. In the generated list you can find all the orders included in the summary invoice and the status of the paid invoice.

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