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From now on you can personalize the basic product search engine in the panel and save search criteria. Also explore other new features of the product search engine.

The main change in the product search engine is that you can independently configure which fields you want to use in the basic version and adding a new field that allows you to search for items from a specific list of codes. The new option to save search criteria that you can return to at any time can also be very helpful. However, the search engine criteria themselves have also been expanded to include search by IdoSell Shop categories and auction categories.

Tailor made product search engine

If until now you thought that some elements of the basic product search engine were unnecessary for you and in their place you would prefer to put any other criteria - it is for you that we provide this opportunity. You can remove or add to your view any fields that interest you and use the search engine even more conveniently. We decided that a compromise between the basic and advanced search engines was needed - that's why we've made it possible to individually tailor a simple search engine to your needs. You will gain access to this configuration through the new "Settings" link on the search engine page. It is easy to use and is based on the drag & drop technique, i.e. just drag the element to the right page and it's ready.

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Prepare a list of product codes on which you want to work

Do you have a list of products you often work with? Maybe you have a list of products for which you would like to reduce prices, because their season is coming or they are just in stock, but they do not have common search criteria? Thanks to this solution you will quickly make changes to these products. All you have to do is paste a list of codes in the new field or drag a file there, and that's it - you can already manage them with e.g. product bulk edit without the need to create complex search criteria.

Save your search criteria so you can go back to them at any time

If you often search for some products or are currently adding a new offer you are just working on and would like to be able to easily return to your search result, you can now save it to your list. Thanks to the newly added option to save search criteria along with a view, you'll be able to go to the criteria you often search with one click.

Search by IdoSell Shop Category

Both basic and advanced search engines allow to search by IdoSell Shop category. For maximum ease, we have expanded the search engine module based on the already known category search engine in the panel, so the principle of use is identical.

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Search by auction category

We've made it easier to search for products that have a specific auction category assigned, any auction category, or no auction category assigned at all. We add this option for the purpose of easier identification and editing of products that you would like to list. You will gain access to the new function after switching to the basic search engine from the level of listing auctions (SALES / Online auctions / Auction listing) and in the advanced search tool.

For example, if you recently added items to the panel, but you forgot to assign them to auction categories, you can now easily find them and then, by group editing, assign these items to auction categories.

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