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Enable Google Shopping Consumer Reviews, and a star rating of your store will appear in Google search results.

Reviews of customers making purchases in your online shop are invaluable, since they motivate potential customers to place orders in your store. The store listening to its customers also appears more trust-worthy, so besides the ability to collect opinions on, Ceneo and, we have also integrated with Google Shopping Consumer Reviews.

Google Shopping Customer Reviews is a free program that allows you to collect feedback from customers who have purchased products in your store. Customers are asked whether they want to take part in the study in the order summary.

The ratings you receive are taken into account when you qualify your store to display shop ratings. These ratings also appear in Google search ads - including the IAI Ads, created together with Google to direct traffic to online stores, Google Shopping, and a special badge that you can display on every page of your store.

Learn how to enable a review request and Google Shopping Consumer Reviews badge