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eBay - requires your attention. Connect your account via new REST API standard

From today we are allowing you to link your eBay account using the latest communication standard, REST. By connecting your account, you will be able to keep your category and parameters up to date. It will also allow you to use new, dedicated features and offer more stability in the future. We would also like to remind you that using IdoSell you can successfully place and process orders on the biggest marketplaces offered by eBay, including the

What is the eBay REST API?

REST is the standard for connecting systems currently being implemented by eBay. From IdoSell you can now take advantage of the first changes using this latest communication method. eBay will only be gradually developing the new standard to improve the stability and speed of integration. It's worth getting ready for this now. The first step is to enable account linking with support for parameter and category downloads.

How do I link my account?

You can link to the new standard in a few simple steps. Select the eBay service you added from the Marketing & Integration / Account Setup menu. Then go to edit your active account.

In the account configuration select Bind. You will be redirected to the eBat login page where you have to enter your details and agree to the link. This is all. The changes described in this paragraph should appear for all sellers in the next 24 hours.

hen do I have to create a cross-reference?

In order to maintain your current functionality, we recommend that you create the link by 30.04.2022. For this reason it is worthwhile linking your account to the new eBay API today.

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Enjoy the most popular versions of eBay

eBay is still one of the biggest players among selling sites all over the world. IdoSell allows new and existing eBay sellers to integrate with the eBay service of their choice. Thanks to it, you can list auctions directly from the administration panel or download offers directly to your shop. Thanks to dedicated import tools, you can also transfer your existing sales to IdoSell in just a few steps.


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