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Easy checkout to increase conversions. Discover 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay

1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay is an accelerated way of placing an order in IdoSell online shops. It allows your customers to shop without having to enter any data. Enable express payment finalization and reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. Get to know the novelty from IdoPay.

Why should you enable 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay ?

  • Easy shopping in your online shop. With 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay, your customers will be able to place an order in your online shop in a faster and easier way. This is especially important for mobile shopping. According to the "E-commerce in Poland 2020" report [Gemius] as many as 69 percent of internet users shop via smartphone. Therefore, it is worth exploiting this potential and making it easier for shoppers to buy via mobile devices.
  • Better shopping experience. An intuitive ordering process, without unnecessary formalities and entering a lot of data, will make your customers eager to visit your shop.
  • Fewer abandoned baskets. Express check-out means more customers will complete their shopping and finalise their order. 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay therefore means fewer abandoned baskets and higher conversions in your online shop.

Use the potential of Apple Pay and Google Pay

1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay works with two of the most popular electronic wallets: Apple Pay and Google Pay. The customer, when paying, will receive additional, clearly described buttons on the product page and in the shopping cart, which will enable the order to be placed via the express path. For the buyer, the process is fast and pleasant - he finalizes the order with one click, without the need for additional data entry (e.g. address). This is all thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets, which store information previously entered by the customer.

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How does 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay work?

  • The customer selects the "1-Click Express checkout (without registration)" payment option when completing the order.
  • Customer validates payment in Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet.
  • Customer data from Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet is transferred to the order card.
  • The customer confirms the transaction and the order process is completed

1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay is the answer to the needs of shoppers for whom the convenience of shopping is very important. This option has the advantage that the customer can complete the transaction without having to get up from the couch, look for the payment card and enter the data.

Who is 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay for?

1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay is available to all IdoSell merchants who use Visa and Mastercard payments with IdoPay. For most, the option is free.

If you use IdoPay and have card payments enabled, the implementation of 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay in your shop depends on how you use the templates:
- if you are using a standard shop template, you only need to manually update it to the latest version. If you have set an automatic update of the shop template, this option will appear automatically in the shop in the coming weeks
- if you prepare a template yourself in Composer, you only need to update the indicated components
- if you have a custom template, take advantage of its update

1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay will appear in the first shops in December and will initially only have an accelerated purchase path with Apple Pay. Google Pay will be available with this solution in January. We encourage you to take advantage of the IdoPay offer today.

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