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Convenient product management in your store. A new tree for the categories of products, brands and series

Over the next two weeks, we will change the way we manage product categories in the panel, brands (formerly manufacturers), and series. This is a further stage of the works we mentioned in our December post "Add new items from the item card. Quickly add manufacturers, series and panel categories".

Completely new way to manage product categories in the panel

The module "Categories of products in the panel" received the most changes, which is also the most demanding among those that we updated in the first place. The new way of managing tree items will improve your work thanks to many new functions:

  • managing items on one screen
  • the ability to collapse and expand items
  • managing the order of items in the tree based on the well-known drag'n'drop method (including the possibility of moving the item with the products, or just the item itself)
  • moving products from the indicated items to one selected one
  • filtering items based on the entered phrase

The new way of managing tree items can also be found in brands, series and warehouse locations

We will introduce a new management method (within two weeks) also for brands formerly manufacturers and series. The principle of operation is very similar and differs only in the smaller number of available functions (including drag'n'drop) and operations, due to the lower complexity of the indicated places than the categories of products in the panel.

We are developing for you! We do not end our work in this area, and this year we want to implement a new management method for most of the trees that appear in the IdoSell administration panel (e.g. for menu items in the store).

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