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Changes to the new promotions module. Including promotional prices in the marketplace and much more

The new promotions module from IdoSell is constantly being developed by our experts. Learn about the latest improvements, including the inclusion of promotional prices in the marketplace, that IdoSell specialists have been implementing over the past months.

Promotional prices in the marketplace

What has changed? Active promotions change the prices of those goods that are exported to external and auction services (marketplace). Until now, the prices sent to the marketplace did not take into account the promotion that you applied to the goods. Check what improvements we have made in the new module of promotions from IdoSell:

  • If you submit to external or auction sites the same price as in the store (i.e. the default price), a promotion will be applied to the price. This means that the price in the marketplace will also be discounted.
  • If you have entered a value manually in the price configuration for the selected marketplace (i.e. an individual price applies), this price will be transmitted to the service and will not be further reduced by active promotions.

An analogous mechanism applies to price comparison services.

This change will be available in all IdoSell store panels within two weeks from the date of publishing the entry.

Information on commodity card

On the commodity card you will now find information if the commodity is on promotion. If yes, you will see the relevant information while editing prices. This information shall be displayed in the commodity price tab. In addition, you shall see a question mark icon next to each store where the promotion is valid

To see a list of active promotions for a merchandise, go to the Marketing and SEO tab.


Limit of promoted merchandise

IdoSell has introduced a limit of goods in a promotion in order to avoid a situation when several thousand goods were placed in one promotion and not to slow down the store operation. Now you can include up to 500 individual items in it.

If you want to add more goods to the promotion, use commodity groups. Groups of goods mean adding entire categories, menu items, series or brands to the promotion. This solution allows you to maintain high efficiency in your store.

Completed promotions move to archive

Until now, the number of added promotions may have affected the speed of calculating the prices of goods. Now promotions that ended more than 180 days ago are automatically moved to the archive. After another 180 days, the promotion will be removed permanently.
This will significantly reduce the list of promotions loading in the calendar. As a result, your calendar will load faster. The time of loading pages with goods in the store will also shorten, because closed promotions do not affect the speed of the store.

You can find the archive of promotions in the new promotions module, in the breadcrumb.

Merchandise list updated with promotions from the new module

The commodity list now displays information about promotions from the new module. All columns have been updated:

  • Promotions - valid.
  • Discounts - effective
  • Featured items - effective
  • Special commodities - effective
  • Promotions - planned
  • Planned discounts
  • Scheduled distinguished goods
  • Special products - planned

Crossed out prices in product feeds for comparison shopping engines

Until now, only current, promotional prices were passed on in merchandise on which new promotions were applied. Crossed out prices were not passed on to external services and, as a consequence, shoppers might have thought that the price of an item was the regular price and no promotion was currently in effect. Currently, crossed out prices are already passed in all export files for external services.

Check out the possibilities of the new promotion module

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