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CHANGELOG IdoSell (24.04.2023 - 28.04.2023)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, we publish project news and information about the release of new functionalities within separate entries. The following changelog release presents the scope of changes 24.04.2023 to 28.04.2023.

COP (Checkout Process)

  • We have improved the scenario in which the customer's balance is not updated after a completed purchase using the balance.

Sales documents

  • We have improved the scenario where after changing the status of a return, the system requests another adjustment to be issued due to the cost of return shipping.

Customer account

  • We have separated the options for managing a customer's balance from displaying the history of balance operations for optimizing the scenario when a customer's account had a very large number of balance operations.


  • We have improved the mechanism for transferring the list of available magazines to the store mask for personal pickup.

Menu, filters, navigation

  • We have improved the scenario where a menu node having hidden/visible products was still available in the structure.


  • We have changed the upper limit of a single PayPo payment in the IdoPay system from PLN 2,000 to PLN 2,500.
  • We have expanded integration with Klarna to include additional countries (Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary) and currencies (CZK, HUF, RON). We have also improved the integration for Norway.

Taxes and VAT, JPK file

  • We have improved the formatting in the P_11VatZ field in the JPK_FA file.
  • We have improved the transfer of the unit of measure in the JPK MAG file.
  • We have updated the VAT rate matrix for the EU rate calculation module.


  • We have improved the view of a promotion consisting of a very large number of products, making it difficult to manage products.


  • We have improved the functioning of the mechanism responsible for treating source addresses with different case letters in the context of 301 redirect configuration.

Products: prices

  • We have improved the return of the net price for products grouped on the projector.
  • We have eliminated the problem of incorrect currency next to products in the order.

Products: edition

  • We have moved to the "Used storage space" module the option " Products in basket", which allows you to set the period during which it is possible to restore a product (marked as deleted) without losing at least some information.

Integrated payment systems

  • We have improved the scenario in which two attempts will be made to post payments in a short period of time as part of the integration with Stripe.

The above changes will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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