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CHANGELOG IdoSell (06.03.2023 - 10.03.2023)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, we publish project news and information about the release of new functionalities within separate entries. The following changelog release presents the scope of changes 06.03.2023 to 10.03.2023.


  • We have improved the creation of cookies with active consent enabled.
  • We have improved the disabling of Google Analytics in the cookie consent when Google Analytics integration is disabled.

COP (Checkout process)

  • We have made changes within the GQL shipping gateway for OSCOP.
  • We have made changes to the correct presentation of the country name in the invoice data on /order2.
  • We have improved the mechanism for defining the custom content of the order confirmation button in the COP settings.

Dynamic Pracing

  • We have made changes to the literals that inform about products in Dynamic Pricing segmentation so that they present correct values.

Group Edit Products

  • We removed the multiple price change of grouped products when editing by GET.


  • We have introduced more precise information about the cause of the error related to the disconnection of FBE2 integration with the panel.


  • We have improved integration with Instagram.


  • We made a fix within the clients gateway in the scenario when the client account had a completed KZS.

List of products

  • We have introduced the ability to change the position of the toplayer of creating promotions from the position of the Group Edit Product.
  • We made a fix within the promotions management framework in the scenario when clicking on the name of a promotion in the list did not redirect to the indicated campaign.


  • We have added support for explicitly specified sets (with specified components) in the integration with Ceneo Kup Teraz.
  • We have improved the marking and visibility of the marketplace service as enabled.


  • We have made changes to the functioning of additional parameters attached to the URL for tracking analytics - CHANGE WITHDRAWN.

Other changes

  • We have improved the performance of toplayers that block and obscure store pages.

The above changes will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this post.

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