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Avoid costs for incorrect parcel dimensions. Automatic calculation of dimensions for InPost

Avoid additional costs for incorrect package dimensions at InPost. Take advantage of the option of determining the package size on the basis of the dimensions of goods which are included in the order. You can activate the dimension selection in the InPost Paczkomaty 24/7 - all sizes service on your own contracts and in IAI Broker.

Do you receive monthly settlements from InPost which include additional costs for incorrect package size? If you use the averaged shipping cost option in the InPost Paczkomaty 24/7 service and you send single-packet orders - we have a solution for you which will reduce the value of these surcharges.

From now on you will determine the size of the parcel based on the dimensions of the goods in each of the following services:

  • InPost Paczkomaty 24/7 by IAI - all sizes
  • InPost Parcel Post 24/7 - all sizes
  • Allegro 24/7 EasyPack by InPost - all sizes

How to determine the correct parcel dimension?

In order to determine the correct dimensions for your orders, please fill in the dimensions of all goods, which you send using the above services. You can determine the dimensions of the goods on the goods card in the Logistics tab. See how to do it in the picture below.

How to enable automatic determination of shipment dimensions?

If you want the package dimensions to be set automatically, go to Courier configuration and in parameter Default package size select automatically. See how to do it in the picture below.

How does the automatic determination of the package size work?

If you have fulfilled the above conditions, the appropriate dimension will be calculated at the stage of label generation and transferred to InPost API. Determining the package size will work on the order card, in group editing of orders and in the order automation processes.

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