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Automatic generation of tracking numbers and labels for couriers - another useful WMS feature

Before, in order to generate a courier delivery label together with assigning it a number, you had to do it manually from the order details page or by using Product Group Edit. Now you can automate this process by connecting generation of tracking numbers and labels with the change of order status. This significantly reduces the time required for order processing, which is important for stores that process a lot of them. Labels are generated in the background and they are ready to be printed at any time.

We added the ability to automatically generate tracking numbers and courier labels when changing the status of an order in the order processing automation module.

In ADMINISTRATION / Processes automation / Order processing automation choose Automatically generate parcels and courier labels and indicate order statuses triggering the process. Your store will then generate a tracking number and a label based on the courier configuration in a given order, while the order status changes.

Automation of tracking number and label generation supports DHL International.

Connecting this functionality with the rest of automation processes, will significantly shorten the time required for handling an order. More about order processing automation: WMS in online shops