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Add new producers, series, guarantees and categories in the panel from the item card

We have added a minor improvement to the product tab in the panel that allows you to quickly add producers, series, guarantees and panel categories.

Quickly add new items for producers, series, warranties and panel categories from the item list

Until now, in order to add a new item in the indicated sections and set it on the item card, the store staff had to first go to the selected section, add a new item and refresh the item card to select the newly added item.

Now it is enough for the shop staff to enter the phrase, for example for the manufacturer: "Apple" and they will be able to add it as a new manufacturer and select it on the card of the edited product. This change should be appreciated by those who often manually add and edit goods in the store, which come, for example, from different producers or from different categories that have not been available in the store so far.

By the way, we have restored the possibility of switching from the level of the product card to the list of producers, series, guarantees and categories in the panel.

The option to add the described elements from the product card will be available to all customers within two weeks from the date of publication of this information.

We plan to implement a new tree management method, including for the category in the panel

At the same time, we would like to mention that we are currently working on a completely new way of managing the tree of the above-mentioned elements. By the end of January, we plan to introduce the developed solution for producer lists, series and panel categories. The new method will also save the store staff a lot of time while working on editing these lists, which may be important, especially when managing and editing categories in the panel.

More information on this subject will be available on our blog after the New Year.

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