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Activate the "in shop cheaper" strategy in the Dynamic Pricing module and automatically attract customers to your shop

The Dynamic Pricing module provides you with ready-to-use rules for price management. This ensures that your online shop will always be more attractive to customers than a similar offer in the marketplace. Pulling traffic directly to your shop is advantageous because it allows you to build a recognisable brand. Additionally, in the marketplace you have to pay a commission on sales. Learn about the "in-store cheaper" sales strategy in the Dynamic Pricing module from IdoSell and set up your own online shop.

Meet Dynamic Pricing

The module is free and can be easily configured under MARKETING & INTEGRATIONS / Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups / Dynamic Pricing. The module works with two pricing control strategies.

We wrote about the first strategy "in the marketplace more expensive" here: Activate Dynamic Pricing and conveniently manage your pricing policy in the shop and marketplace

The next strategy is the in shop cheaper strategy

The in shop cheaper strategy is recommended for merchants who sell mainly in the marketplace and offer mainly popular goods. Since Allegro has announced another increase for certain categories of goods, it is worth looking into this strategy and try to become independent from the marketplace's imposition of prices.

What is the in shop cheaper strategy?

If you set the price of goods in your shop a few percent lower than the price in the marketplace, and additionally advertise products in Google within the service Google Ads from IdoSell, you have a chance to direct many more customers directly to your shop. Why does this happen? Because cheaper products are more likely to be displayed by Google.

How to set up the in shop cheaper strategy? Select the goods for which you want to apply Dynamic Pricing. On the tab of commodity edition, in the prices tab, set Calculate prices according to the rules set in the Dynamic Pricing module as active (changing this option for more goods is possible with the GET functionality).

Then go to the module Dynamic Pricing and configure the rules.

Before you start working with Dynamic Pricing

If inaccuracies appear in the prices of goods in the panel of your shop (e.g. the price in the panel is different than in the auction or if you run several auctions of the same product), we recommend using the functionality that enables you to download the prices of the last auction of a given product to the panel of your shop.

It is enough to select Download prices from Allegro and within 48 hours the prices of the goods from the Allegro auctions shall be saved on the edit tabs of the goods as the base price for Allegro. This will ensure that the prices in your shop reflect your Allegro listing.

Important tips

  • When the option to download prices from Allegro is activated, the interface for both Dynamic Pricing scenarios will be locked. It will be so until all prices are downloaded to the shop panel (this may take up to 48 hours).
  • Prices will be downloaded from all active offers, while the "cheaper in store" strategy mechanism will ONLY work on goods that have active offers and the active switch Calculate prices according to the rules set in the Dynamic Pricing module
  • If you have several active offers for a given item, the price retrieval mechanism will take into account the last offer issued.
  • If you have offers on Allegro for which the Allegro “Super Prices” functionality lowers the price, the Allegro price download functionality will also download the discounted prices. So if the switch Calculate prices according to the rules set in the Dynamic Pricing module switch is active on a given product, then the Dynamic Pricing mechanism will lower the gross retail price in relation to the price reduced by Allegro.

In shop cheaper strategy

  • Select the marketplace, against which you want to reduce the price in the shop (below an example for Allegro)
  • Indicate the percentage by which you want to reduce the price (e.g. 5%).
  • Set active increase: yes
  • Confirm the form by clicking Save.

If you select the option "Cheaper than on Allegro" and indicate a value of 5%, the prices of the goods in the shop panel will be lowered by 5% in relation to the Allegro price.

Visibility of the reduced price

The new discounted price will not be visible on the item edit tab, but it will be visible:

  • on the product card (in the mask)
  • in hotspots
  • in all COP
  • on search
  • in search results

Products excluded from the "in shop cheaper" mechanism

  • Products that have a price setting mode in the store: Formula to calculate the price
  • Types of product: product with configurator
  • Items with no active offers


The "in shop cheaper" mechanism lowers the price of all sizes in the store in relation to the price configuration for Allegro. The mechanism does not look at the size of goods in offers on Allegro.

The discounted retail price will also be the price shipped to:

  • Reklamy Google od IdoSell
  • comparison engines if they are based on the default retail price (including Facebook Katalog, Google Shopping)
  • It is NOT shipped to marketplaces

If, after going to MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS / Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups / Dynamic Pricing
you do not have access to this functionality yet, don't worry. This means that the changes will also be available to you within a maximum of several days.

Get to know the strategy "in the marketplace more cheaply"

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