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You can now enter non-delivery days for courier deliveries, thanks to which customers will receive realistic delivery times during holidays

We have extended the functionality of the "Free days management" module also to set days off from courier deliveries in Poland. From now on, the non-working days introduced will affect not only the delivery time at the shipping warehouse, but also the days of courier deliveries in Poland. We have also introduced public holidays for you to the calendar of the "Free days management" module for the next two years ahead

Holidays are coming, take care of the correct configuration of delivery times

In the pre-holiday period, delivery times become critical for customers - the purchase decision during this period is often made based on whether the dream gift will reach the customer on time - and the closer to Christmas, the more important this condition is for customers. At the same time, stores that, despite the declared deadlines, do not deliver goods on time, may irretrievably lose a disappointed customer. So it is worth, especially during this period, to ensure the correct configuration of warehouse working times and use the "Free days management" module.

Holidays now also apply to delivery days for couriers in Poland

From today, the dates entered in the module "Management of free days" also affect courier delivery days - because Poland is the main market of our customers, for ease of use the calendar of holidays will apply to only courier deliveries carried out in Poland. This means that if you enter public holidays into the calendar, they will be taken into account when calculating the exact day of delivery of the products to the customer - if the day of delivery of products to the customer falls on a non-working day, the delivery time will be extended to the next business day.

We have introduced public holidays in Poland for you to the calendar of holidays

For your convenience, we have completed the calendar of holidays by entering all public holidays in Poland for two years in advance. You can modify this calendar at any time by adding another or deleting existing non-working days - which we encourage you to do - to make sure that your customers will receive products without any problems at the time you declare.

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