New cookies consent

Enable new cookie consent.

The new cookie consent is a one-stop solution that will make your store compliant with European Union law and GDPR with just one click. Check out the detailed instructions for enabling the new cookie consent mode:

1. Where to find the new cookie consent?

You can find the new cookie consent in the panel in the module Moderation / CMS / Regulations, consents, policies / Cookie consent. The new cookie consent has been added as a new available display mode:

2. Additional features:

  • Ability to enable the default selection of consent for analytics and advertising cookies. You can choose whether the user will have the consent for analytics and advertising cookies checked by default when enters the site, or whether they will have to give their own consent. :

  • A brand new set of texts that online store service can change to further customize the consent:

  • A list of all cookies that come from the IdoSell system (and have been cataloged automatically) and that have been defined manually in individual add-ons, in the "HTML and JavaScript Add-ons" module.

3. Cookies installed by "HTML and JavaScript Add-ons" can be defined manually in the module Moderation / Store Appearance / HTML and JavaScript Add-ons'.

  • Online store service can define how the add-on installs the files: whether they are cookies, information installed in the local memory of the browser, or whether it is a tracking pixel.

  • Online store service can define only the provider and description or in addition detailed information about the file:

4. In the contents of the privacy policy, a table with a list of files is automatically generated:

Just use the "[iai:cookies_table]" variable.

5. Additional information

  • Consent for cookies can be generated automatically or manually. In the case of self-generated content, the online store service can customize the literals and the consent content itself.
  • The automatically generated consent content and the cookie consent itself are still available in Polish, English and German.
  • The new cookie consent mode - whether the consent is automatically generated or not - lists cookies from IdoSell and HTML and JavaScript add-ons, and allows them to be embedded as a table, in the privacy and cookie policy content, using the "[iai:cookies_table]" variable.

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