Ready, updated and self-supplementing template of the store's regulations and privacy policy, developed by a lawyer and without additional fees (in Polish and English language versions)

There are many services on the market that allow you to purchase the content of the regulations and its updates, which is adapted to the needs of the Polish market, especially in terms of prohibited clauses. So these are usually additional, hidden costs (in the form of a subscription or a one-time fee and payment for an update) that, as a store owner, you will incur when the store starts up, if he decides to use this type of service. You can also build it yourself from scratch, but what for?

That is why, together with lawyers specializing in e-commerce, we have developed a possibly synthetic and realistically adapted to the operation of the store regulations, privacy policy, etc., for which you do not pay extra, because you get it as part of a monthly subscription for the IdoSell service. In addition, the content of the regulations will complete itself, so you do not have to spend your extra valuable hours adjusting the content of the regulations.

Automatic update of regulations in your store, completely free of charge

The Regulations are up-to-date and automatically updated by us in terms of changes in the law (for example, they contain provisions regarding the possibility of returning the purchased goods by sole proprietorships that entered into Polish law on January 1, 2021) or prohibited clauses.

Automatic data completion - you do not have to complete anything yourself and remember to change the previously entered data

The content of the regulations is filled in with the store's data, such as the address of the registered office, or information on available payment and delivery methods. All this without any additional fees for the subscription you pay. All you need to do is enable the default regulations.

In the regulations, we indicate simple solutions for the customers of your store

We are guided by the assumption that to start you do not have to worry about the content of the regulations and approvals, because they guarantee the minimum required by law. By the way, they also emphasize that the customer of your store does not have to return the purchased goods on the official model withdrawal from the contract, because he can use the ((functions / returns | returns module)) (which is not included in the standard templates of regulations available in legal advice).

In which languages ​​and for which countries are the regulations available?

The default template for the content of the store's regulations is available in Polish and English and complies with Polish and EU regulations. It is possible that in the future we will introduce regulations dedicated to entities operating with branches or headquarters in markets other than Poland. However, at the moment we have focused on Poland and compliance with Polish regulations.

You can customize the default content according to your needs

The default content of the regulations and privacy policy can be edited and adapted to your needs using a simple visual edit (WYSIWYG).

Although your own content will no longer be able to be automatically updated, active variables will still help you to complete basic information, such as company address details.