Searching Pro – the intelligent text search engine

Up to half of the orders in online stores are realized with the use of store search engine. This means that its performance has a significant impact on sales. When using an in-store search engine, typically between 10% and 20% of queries return an empty page. This happens for several reasons.

Customers are looking for merchandise that is not in the store's assortment, they are using colloquial language (they are used to using search engines like Google), or they are typing in queries with typos. In order to prevent misplaced searches, we have implemented a new Searching Pro service, based on the recently implemented Elastic Search technology in IdoSell stores.

Searching Pro extends the existing full-text search engine in the store with additional functions that help to sell by suggesting search phrases, managing phrase redirections or sorting the results based on sales attractiveness. It allows shoppers to more easily find the products they are looking for, thanks to which the conversion of orders placed directly in your store can improve by up to a dozen or so percent! How is it possible?

Phrases differ, but you can change it!

For example, in a store with sanitary fittings, some of the most frequently searched phrases are "faucet for sink" and "kitchen taps", resulting in an empty results page. Introduction of a redirection to the phrase "kitchen faucet" for these phrases resulted in a page with over a hundred results.

As a result, the customer, typing the wrong phrase is still able to find the assortment they are looking for. The chance that they will make a purchase in your store definitely increases.

Check what exactly potential customers are looking for

With Searching Pro you get access to advanced statistics of searched phrases. Thanks to that, in case of searches for goods, which are not offered by your shop but match the profile of your store, you can supplement your store with the desirable products.

Example: some of the most popular phrases returning empty results are 'maple syrup' and 'salted caramel' in a food store that does not have these goods in its offer.

What do you get when you turn on Searching Pro?

Phrase suggestions

Your customers will be suggested the most popular search phrases related to the phrase they typed in. This will reduce the risk of typing the wrong phrase.
You will be able to additionally define redirections for phrases that return better results or direct to selected pages. Redirects will also be visible in search suggestions, which can cause an additional boost for sales.

Better sorting in the search results

The sorting of goods in the search results will adjust to the account sales appeal. Merchandise that previously had led to conversions, has been more clickable, is more available or sells better in your store will be shown first.

Statistics that will help you manage your offer better

You will gain access to the statistics of the phrases typed by customers in the store search engine, with particular emphasis on the phrases that return empty search results. You will know what the customers are looking for and what assortment you should invest in.

Who can use Searching Pro?

The service is only available to customers on new subscription plans.

How much does Searching Pro cost and how do I enable the service?

Using Searching Pro costs 25PLN per month additionally for Elastic CLOUD plan and 50PLN per month for CLOUD Pro. Due to the use of Headless and Elasticsearch mechanisms, Searching Pro is only available in Elastic CLOUD and CLOUD Pro plans.

To enable Searching Pro, go to the MODERATION / Text Search section in your store's admin panel.

So that you can comfortably test the effectiveness of the tool, the first month after turning it on is free of charge. Charging will begin in the second month. Feel free to turn it on and test it.

You can also have Searching Pro for free

For customers using IAI RS - the intelligent product recommendation system, Searching Pro service is free and enabled by default. Thanks to machine learning, the service can increase sales in your online store up to 25%. IAI RS means more visits to your store ending in a sale, and thanks to a convenient commission system, you pay only for the effects. Thanks to perfect integration, the search engine makes a better use of IAI RS and increases the conversion even more.

Learn more about IAI RS