IdoSell Shop Ticketing System

Ticket messaging is a convenient form of contact that we developed to facilitate communication in various matters. Its biggest advantage is to enable tracing the course of executed orders and services. It also helps to thoroughly describe the problem or write down the expectations, i.e. about shop design to be agreed with the graphics department.

IdoSell Shop ticketing system is a unique way in which we support our customers. You can easily find it in Customer Service Center (CSC).

If you have an IdoSell Shop-based online store and you:

  • want to ask any questions about its functionalities,
  • have a problem to configure some settings,
  • noticed a bug,
  • wish to introduce some modifications or change a subscription plan,

just send a ticket in one click!

Describe your problem or ask a question. After you send a ticket, it will be registered in a central system and directed to a person who will solve your problem best. You can be sure that your case will never disappear, because we mark resolved and unresolved tickets differently.

We answer your questions and inform you about the completion process in the same ticket. We also send you a separate e-mail message, so that you can always be involved in the current issue, even without signing in to the panel. If a ticket was posted by your employee, you - as an administrator - can view all tickets and actively help in solving a problem. Tickets concerning orders include information about task progress and its costs. You do not have to call and ask about deadlines - you receive such information automatically when you accept costs of a task.

This unique technology allows our clients to feel safe and comfortable. We can efficiently manage our time to perform each task quickly and proficiently. Thanks to a swift and dependable support you can even think that we are one of the most competent employees in your company. All this without any additional fees for access to technical support, taking vacations or sick leaves.

Important information for clients using our ticketing system:
Please bear in mind that despite our numerous consultants, answering phone calls is their priority. That is why, if you wish to receive an immediate answer, we kindly advise you to use the helpline. Although tickets are registered 24 hours a day, please remember that you will receive the answers to noncritical tickets on working days, in the working hours of our consultants.