IdoSell Shop telephone helpline

Sales and support department at your disposal. Over the phone you can get immediate help and information about our system in urgent cases or be given answers to simple questions that you may want to ask.

The phone call is the most convenient way to obtain necessary information. This is particularly convenient method of communication, if the subsequent questions depend on answers to earlier ones. There is no need to send the continuous ticket messages to which the answers will never be as fast as those given by phone.

We offer our customers a single, universal, stationary phone number:
+44 207 1931 010

Internal number 1 offers a helpline to discuss sales issues and shop deployments. Number is available from Monday till Friday 9:00-17:00. At this number you can learn about the IdoSell Shop features and get all information you need to place an order. New customers can also discuss the implementations about which they spoke prior to ordering.

Internal numbers 2 and 3 offer a technical support helpline (int. no. 2) and information about invoices and payments (int. no. 3). Number is available from Monday till Friday 9:00-17:00. Helpline is currently serviced by a team of experienced consultants, who can teach you about the available tools, give guidelines to shop operations and inform about your settlements with IdoSell Shop. This number is available to shop users registered in the administration panel and Affiliate Partners. During each call, the caller goes through a short verification process. Call note - showing who spoke, how long and about what - is displayed after each call on the ticket messages list.