SSL certificates - how to install and what is their purpose?

SSL certificate is something that sounds rather mysteriously to many users. It can somehow be related to large institutions - like banks - what can lead to wrong impressions about its intended use, i.e. that it can be a technology obtainable only by large entities. Reality is completely different however, data encryption and signing pages with SSL certificate is a standard method of data protection during exchange performed between a browser and a server.

Growing group of customers is more and more aware of keeping personal details safe. That is why you should consider using technologies allowing your clients to verify whether a webpage they are visiting really belongs to the company it should belong to, and will encrypt all data sent.

What are the benefits of using SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate allows to authenticate the domain owner and secured data exchange between a server and a web browser. As long as you use our technical domain, you are secured by our Wildcard certificate. If you however, use your own domain, it is worth to consider buying your own SSL certificate and fully ensure the safety of all purchases made in your store.

How can I install a SSL certificate?

Clients of IdoSell Shop can choose one of two methods of an SSL certificate installation:

  • Buy certificate by IAI - thanks to the partnership between IAI and Unizeto Technologies, providers of CERTUM services, installation is reduced to filling out a form in the administration panel only.