IdoSell Shop pricelist

Each subscription plan includes the full system functionality. Our fees consist of two elements: one-time installation fee, charged for the preparation of the shop, and a monthly subscription fee for its maintenance.

Monthly fee

Decide which subscription plan is perfectly tailored to your needs and place the order.

While choosing the subscription plan please bear in mind that each version offers exactly the same system with the same functionalities. Differences between individual subscription plans depend on the size of your business. If you do not conduct sales on a big scale, you can choose CLOUD subscription plan. With the growth of your business, you can always change the plan to DEDICATED CLOUD which may be more suitable.

What do you get within each subscription plan:

  • a full version of the system,
  • everyday, automatic administration panel updates to the newest version without additional charges – your shop will always be up-to-date,
  • technical support without any additional charges,
  • unlimited help via tickets and helpline,
  • servers protected by our administrators.


Monthly subscription fee for small online stores. + Possible additional charges for exceeding limits included in the price. Learn more


Monthly subscription fee for big shops, without limits and additional charges.  Flat fee. Learn more


Monthly subscription fee for stores which require the highest processing power and individual infrastructure. Fee determined individually. Learn more

Implementation packages

Our best graphic designers will design, code and implement an online store meeting your needs. Implementation package means a one off payment independent from the amount of the monthly subscription fee.

While running your online store you have many possibilities to choose from. You can implement your store without any additional fees and modify it yourself or you can accelerate this process by choosing one of the predefined implementation packages. The package covers a full online store implementation . Packages vary due to a different number of working hours . If you want a very individual approach, we offer fully-customized implementations. If you have no experience in IdoSell Shop implementations , then use one of the implementation packages - it will minimize implementation time . You can also send us ready-made graphics and commission the rest of the work to our specialists.

STANDARDfor free

You can choose one of free templates and publish it in your own online store.  A ready-to-use templates available offhand. Learn more


Predefinded implementation packages perfect for store-owners with various requirements and expectations concerning implementation time, as well as the budget necessary to start an online store. Template tailored to your needs. Learn more


The most advanced implementation when it comes to visual, as well as technological aspects. The range of prices and services varies and is negotiated individually. Implementation package exceeding predefined propositions. Learn more

One-time installation fee

If you would like to start your online store for free, sign the agreement for at least 2 years. In case of signing the agreement for an indefinite period of time the installation fee is €169 - the initial payment is the sum of the installation fee, three times the license fee for CLOUD subscription plan and the cost of a chosen implementation package. If you choose one of STANDARD templates, the initial payment does not include the implementation package.

All prices are net prices and do not include the VAT.