Express commissions

You want something done "for yesterday"? We can do it! Use the Express mode while ordering services. In exchange for higher price, you will get immediate implementation.

On-line sales demand quick reactions on your behalf. Sometimes, when opportunity arises, you need to act immediately. Maybe you need to create a new advertisement banner, send eye-catching newsletter or add the newest products from your supplier offer? If you do not like to or cannot wait, just order Express execution.

For Express works we guarantee that works start within 4 work days after receiving clear payment. Usually executions begins the same day, you have confirmed your commission. It happens like this, because Express tasks always get the highest priority, so employee, that currently has no other Express tasks to perform, can start his work for you almost instantly, if he does not have any other Express commissions. If any other Express tasks do not allow work on your commission to be started within 4 work days, you will be informed about this fact immediately, so the task could be transferred to another person or changed to standard mode. As always, the final decision is only yours to make.

Price of Express tasks is a little bit higher than standard ones. Please also note, that tot all of our services can be ordered this way. Please familiarize yourself with our Price List, to learn, which services can be ordered in Express mode and how much does it cost.

You can order following services in Express mode:

  • Graphical works - you can even commission a creation of entire store in time much shorter than it usually takes us:
    • Small graphical changes
    • Preparation of banners, information subpages, logo.
    • Creation of auction templates and newsletters.
    • Implementation of new store.
    • Shop page design to existing store.
    • Creation of graphical materials not directly related to store page (showcases, logo vectorization, folders etc.).
  • Data imports:
    • Import of products from file of database.
    • Import of customer data.
    • Adding e-mail addresses to newsletter.
    • Analysis, consultancy and adaptation of files for import and integration purposes.
  • Programming works (always need to be negotiated with Development Department).
    • Adding new function.
    • Creating new supporting application.
  • Server administrator works - can be ordered when you expect large traffic growth during upcoming Christmas or after your store has been shown in TV:
    • Migration from shared server (CLOUD) to dedicated one (DEDICATED CLOUD).
    • Change of dedicated server parameters.

How to add Express task?

Just send us information on this fact via ticket and include commission details. Your task will be distinguished. You accept Express tasks the same way as you do it with standard ones - just go to task details and accept its cost.